Day 2 Blues

Day 2…

Before I started Whole 30, I’d read an article on about what to expect from your body throughout the program.  Day 1 for me went as expected: feeling great, wondering who on earth has problems with this diet.  This morning when I got up, I braced myself for Day 2, which was described on the site as “The Hangover.”  I was well prepared to deal with a day where my body realized it didn’t have a constant intake of bad food to process, and decided to protest.  As the queen of pouting (ask Jonathan…), I figured this day would come on strong.

But I didn’t feel it.  I woke up like I always did- tired, but not unbearable.  My day was also pretty much the same. And then 3:00 hit, and I thought, “Oh, Lord Jesus, how am I going to stay awake?”  I did a lap around the office.  I got some water. I even ran an errand.  Nothing. I was exhausted.  I somehow trudged through the next two hours, went home, and hit the couch!  

So, although today did not come on as strong as expected, I’m starting to feel some side effects of the program: low energy, low spirits, wondering who on earth doesn’t have problems with this diet.  I’m going to power through it… but man, if I only had a scoop of ice cream…

Breakfast= Eggs and Potatoes

This sounds familiar, no?  Hint: it was Day 1’s breakfast as well.  I’ve decided that if I am going to eat potatoes, breakfast is the time to do it, so that the energy from the carbs lasts me all day long.  Today’s eggs were over easy, on top of the breakfast potatoes with peppers and onions.  Very delicious, and I didn’t feel hungry again until after noon, which, in my mind, is progress.

Lunch= Leftover Meatballs and Sweet Potato

I brought four leftover meatballs today for lunch, which were very good!  Because we had salad last night for dinner, I didn’t have any sides to bring with it, so I went down to our office cafeteria and got a baked sweet potato, which I ate plain.  My lunch was accompanied by a large refreshing glass of ice water. Delicious!

Snack= Apple

Not much to remark on here.  Red apple.  Sweet. Did the trick.

Dinner= Chicken and Prosciutto-wrapped Asparagus

Why do I try so many new recipes?  I feel like every week I cook at least three to four times, and yet I’m still always trying new recipes.  One of these days I will learn to stay with the tried and true and leave the new stuff to those who are slightly less picky than I am…

Tonight I made cilantro lime baked chicken thighs and prosciutto-wrapped asparagus.

I’ll start with the latter.  For a while I’ve been wanting to try this, and the theory of making it seemed pretty simple: just wrap some prosciutto around some asparagus stalks, saute in a little olive oil, and voila!

Easier said than done.  The prosciutto stuck to the paper it was wrapped in so much that it shredded and fell apart in my hands.  A huge mess!  I did manage to wrap them around some asparagus stalks, some individually and some in bunches of three, and then pan fry them in some olive oil.  By the time the prosciutto was done; however, the asparagus was basically burned.  The asparagus was also quite bitter, so I could barely eat it.  Jonathan, on the other hand, loved it!  He even started eating them off my plate, even after I’d stripped some from their meaty wrapping!  So, I guess that were ok, but a ton of work and not really to my taste.

Neither of us liked the chicken much.  I found a recipe online for chili lime chicken, but it called for honey.  I tried to substitute with a little apple cider vinegar. Not the best.  It was a pretty presentation, but saddened me on so many levels… Maybe it was just the Day 2 blues.



I think the lesson learned here is to stick to the recipes I know.  After all, I’m cutting back so many kinds of food that I normally enjoy that I might as well know for a fact I’m going to love the ones I do make.  Maybe if I’m stuck in a rut I’ll try something new in a few weeks.  If I do, you’ll be the first to know.  And by the way, here’s the first week expectations, as described by


Maybe I skipped to Days 6-7, which means I surpassed Days 2-5.  For Jonathan’s sake, let’s hope so!



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