Not Even Potatoes

Day 3…

OK, I’m going to go ahead and bury the lead– today was rough.  When my alarm went off this morning, I had a five minute serious debate with myself about whether or not to actually get up.  Casual, kidding debates happen all the time; of course, I’d always prefer to stay snuggled under the covers, head on a soft pillow, with my man on one side and usually a kitty (and sometimes two!) on the other.  But then I tell myself that I have to make money in order to afford this comfort, and I get up and get on with my day.  Today, it took everything within me to get out of bed.  I convinced myself that once I got up, it would get better.

And it did, for about two hours.  And then it got worse.  So the website was right.  I just can’t quite figure out if today was more akin to the hangover phase or the “I just want to nap” phase.  Because I felt tired and had a headache allll day. The 3:00 hour felt like 3 whole hours.  I took a walk.  I got multiple glasses of water.  I gave the diet coke nozzle on the soda machine the stink eye every time as I filled up my cup with water time and time again.  I needed caffeine (well, I thought that probably would have helped in any case).

I got home and went straight to bed, where I slept for about an hour until Jonathan came in and asked if I was planning on sleeping all evening.  I’m pretty sure I could have.

On the positive side, I haven’t had any serious cravings or even been hungry.  I’m actually pretty satisfied with smaller portions and didn’t even need a snack today.  As long as days like today don’t perpetuate too much longer into the future, I think it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.  I’ll keep you posted.

Breakfast= Denver Scramble and Fruit

When I say “Denver scramble,” what I actually mean is scrambled eggs with cooked ham and peppers, since cheese is off-limits, and I’m not a huge fan of onions for breakfast (It’s a breath issue, unless they’ve been sauteed for a while, like the onions in the potatoes I ate yesterday).  Instead of potatoes, like I’d been eating for breakfast the past two days, I opted for some mixed fruit and munched on melons, berries, and grapes.  Again, no coffee, so I had water.

Lunch= Grilled Ribeye, Potatoes, and Mixed Veggies

Since dinner last night was so disappointing, I did not save any leftovers to take to work today.  Instead, I went to the cafeteria and ordered a grilled ribeye.  My intention was just to choose one side of mixed veggies (squash, zucchini, peppers, and onions), but I was feeling so low on energy at this point that I got a side of grilled potatoes as well.  Very delicious, but not even potatoes could help my situation.

Snack= None

Wasn’t hungry, so I didn’t have a snack today.  Just lots of water!

Dinner= Grilled Chicken and Spinach Salad

When I got out of bed around 7 tonight, I was in absolutely no mood to cook.  Wednesdays are actually choir rehearsal nights, and I’d planned on stopping at a burger joint to try their bunless burger before rehearsal.  But by the time work was over, my energy level was so low it would have made the Sim version of myself pass out on the floor asleep for at least 2 hours.  So I went home instead and slept.

Thankfully I’d bought some backup food just for such situations.  I had some frozen chicken strips in the freezer, which I microwaved.  Then I tossed together some spinach, strawberries, and a few pecans to make a light (and very pretty) salad.


Boom.  Way more satisfying than last night’s chicken (and I promise that’s the last time I’ll harp on the fact that last night I made disappointing chicken) and in a fraction of the time!


I’m actually quite excited that I don’t feel overwhelmingly hungry on this diet.  I think I’ve found a good balance of how much is enough.  As far as the energy thing, only time will tell.  I’ll let you go while I veg on the couch until bedtime.  To peppier tomorrows!


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