Friday Five Day

Day 5…

Today has probably been the best day yet.  It’s been five days since I started the Whole 30 diet, and I feel invigorated.  It’s crazy that two days ago I felt like I might completely crash, and today I was tempted to take a jog.

One of the stipulations of the Whole 30 program, on top of all the dietary restrictions, is that you’re not allowed to weigh yourself or take any measurements for the entire 30 days.  However… I’m technically still on Weight Watchers, and if I lose 10 pounds in 2 months, I get a refund.  So, today I stepped on the scale, anddddd…. I’ve lost 5 lbs since last Friday!  FIVE FREAKING POUNDS!!! Heck yeah!  So since I started the program in mid-January, I’ve lost a total of 8 pounds.  So, I’m back on track and feeling great.

The real test of my endurance will be this weekend, when I’m home and leisurely lazing around the apartment… because I don’t have much to do this weekend, and there’s a party on Sunday night.  Oy.  I think I can, I think I can…

Breakfast= Eggs and Potatoes

Today’s breakfast: Eggs over easy served over breakfast potatoes with peppers and onions.  One of this weekend’s missions will be to find some plan-acceptable breakfast meat so I can make my own casserole for breakfast.  Because while the cafeteria has been great, and I can visually witness the making of my eggs, I have no idea if the potatoes are 100% compliant.  They may have hidden butter, sugar, etc, so it’ll be good to know for sure when I can make and supply my own breakfast.

Lunch= Rainbow Trout and Salad

We had lunch out today to interview a potential candidate for a job opening in our department.  Since it’s Friday, I’m Catholic, and it is Lent, I picked a seafood restaurant near the office.  Unfortunately, most of the seafood dishes are fried, prepared with butter, or served with dairy or grain sides (see also: orzo, mashed potatoes, etc.).  So I had a lot of changes to my order: grilled rainbow trout on seasonal vegetables and a wedge salad, minus the cheese and dressing.  Even though the salad was bare and only contained lettuce, tomatoes, and bacon pieces, it was good until the second-to-last bite.  As I was about to devour the last bite, I suddenly realized that, duh, bacon is meat!  And while it is allowed on Whole 30, it is not allowed as a Lenten lunch item on a Friday!  Oops!  Hopefully Jesus will forgive me.

The fish was delicious, but after eating a few of the seasoned veggies (green beans and carrots), I realized they were swimming in butter!  You can’t win for losing sometimes… so that was the end of lunch.

Snack= Apple and Almond Butter


Dinner= Jalapeño Shrimp, Green Beans, and Potatoes

Jonathan and I had an errand to run at the mall, so we walked over and grabbed dinner while we were there.  I won’t lie; finding Whole 30 compliant, meatless dinner options at a mall food court is challenging!  In fact, short of a veggie plate or side salad, I’m pretty sure I got the only thing I could have, at a place called Farm Plate (or something to that effect).


I guess there’s a chance the shrimp and/or potatoes could have been prepared with butter, but I tried to eat as little of the “sauce” as possible, and only ate two potatoes.  So hopefully any dairy I ate was negligible.


Apart from the decrease in number on the scale, I can tell this diet is working.  I feel better, have fewer cravings, am rarely hungry, and get full faster.  Two weeks ago, a small salad and thin fish fillet would never have been enough.  Today after lunch I was satisfied.  I’m hopeful that the good results will continue.  Wish me luck!



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