Somewhat Sinful (and Sunful) Sunday

Day 7…

Today was an absolutely beautiful day!  I love it when it’s nice like this on the weekends.  It inspires me.  Sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes it’s not.  Today, maybe less so.

So, I didn’t really cheat.  But I wasn’t that great either.  My day desperately needed more vegetables.  And less things trying to be bad things.  Again, I have no pictures, but here’s how my day went down:

Breakfast= Onion Sausage Scramble

So yesterday I mentioned that I made my own breakfast sausage.  Turns out it really was as good as I’d tasted when I first made it.  This morning after church, I came home and sauteed some onion slices, mixed in a bit of the sausage, and scrambled some eggs with it.  It. was. GOOD!  Like, really good.  I also had some strawberries and blueberries to round out a very satisfying breakfast.  I used the rest of the sausage to make a frittata that I’ll explain tomorrow.

Lunch= Deconstructed Andouille Sausage Sandwich

This is where I probably could have been better.  Meal two was also sausage.  To my credit, this was a link of Trader Joe’s chicken andouille sausages, one of the only sausages made without added sugar (and only 4 points on the Weight Watchers Points Plus program), so there are many ways it could have been worse.  But still… sausage.  Inspired by last night’s dinner, I ate the sausage with a little mustard on top, a Romaine lettuce leaf, and a few pickles.

Snack= Chocolate “Pudding”

I found a recipe on Pinterest labeled as Whole 30: chocolate pudding, which is made with only a mashed banana and cocoa powder.  I cant remember the last time I went a full week without chocolate, but oh my… even the bitter chocolate pudding was delicious!  I’m not really sure this is in line with the spirit of the program; after all, bananas mixed with eggs to make “pancakes” is not allowed.  I won’t do it often, but it was definitely a treat!

Dinner= Ham and Carrots

A few months ago, I worked with some composer friends from church to record an album, and tonight we had our CD launch party.  I was iffy about going, because I didn’t know if they’d have anything there I could eat.  But I’d already RSVP’ed before I decided to do this program, so I went. Technically, none of the food was program approved.  But it could have been worse.  I had some honey baked ham (but I took the skin and crust off) and some baby carrots.  I know there was some added sugar, but it was either that or nothing, and I was actually a bit hungry.


Some good, some not so good things today.  The good thing is that I wasn’t tempted by the off-limits things at the party: bread rolls, broccoli salad, pasta salad, strawberry pound cake, chips and salsa, wine…  But I also didn’t eat as many nutritious foods as I would have liked.  I guess Sunday is a good day to be a bit relaxed, but I want to keep myself strict on this.  My body still has to process the bad with the good.  This week will be better. I have a meal plan all ready.  Week 2- Here I come!





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