Still Going Strong

Day 10…

This one will be short and sweet, first of all because I have very little to report, and secondly, because it’s almost 10 p.m. and I’m ready for bed! But I wanted to still post to report that I’m still staying strong despite some circumstances…

Breakfast= Same Old Frittata and Salsa

At this point I eat it because I made it and need to finish it.  Not that it tastes bad, but I’m so bad at eating the same thing over and over.  It loses its appeal, even if it’s delicious.  So.. yeah… same old frittata.

Lunch= Grilled Chicken Breast, Sweet Potato, Mixed Berries

The zoodles and sauce I made last night was intended to be my lunch at the time, but I didn’t make enough for both me and Jonathan.  I tried to make spaghetti squash, but it smoked up the oven so badly that I had to take it out before it was done, and then it was too crunchy to be construed in any shape or form as “spaghetti,” so I surrendered my zoodles to my loving fiance.  In return, he cut me some berries and packed them for me to take to work today.  He’s so sweet!

Anyway, again, I went to the cafeteria and got a chicken breast and 1/2 sweet potato, which I ate with my berries.

Snack= Peeled Snacks

So I went to Starbucks after work today and found an awesome snack called Peeled. It’s basically puffed apple pieces.  It’s crispy and sweet and sooo delicious!  I almost ate the whole bag.

Dinner= Bunless Burger and Salad

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s very little in the realm of fast food that is Whole 30 approved. Today I went to a place called Grub Burger and met some friends there.  I ordered a bunless burger (no mayo) and a side salad without cheese.

During our stay at the restaurant, there were TWO waiters who came by with samples of milkshakes.  Ugh!  Annnd my friends ordered cheese fries.  Two incredibly big no-no’s. And while I was sure those items were good, they didn’t tempt me.  I continued with my burger and salad, which was satisfying.


Another good day gone! And they said I’d be likely to quit!  I keep telling myself I’m getting healthier and losing weight in the process.  And that makes it so much easier.  I’m pretty determined.  And I think that’ll drive the success of this and any future Whole 30’s I do (yes, I’m already thinking of more.  There’s a lot of unhealthy to undo here). Stay tuned.


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