Don’t Do Whole30 During Lent

Day 12…

Well, today was day 12, a Friday, and weigh-in day (for Weight Watchers purposes).  I’m happy to report that I lost 2 pounds this week, and a total of 10 pounds since I started dieting in late January.  Hoorah!

I told myself I was going to wait to post these pictures, and I think I still will on all other forms of social media, but for my select few viewers who visit this blog (I average about 7 per day, btw), I think I might…

You know those girls who post pictures of their pregnant selves each week or so next to a chalkboard that says how old their kid is and how big they are?  Well, I thought I’d do one, but in reverse: How many pounds I’ve LOST and how much that is.  So, here’s the last two weeks (because that’s when I started…)

I’m not sure I notice much of a change yet, but we’ll see… In any case, now I get my money back from Weight Watchers. 🙂


Changing subjects: Can I just say that I know that, as a Catholic, Fridays during Lent are met to be a day of sacrifice when we abstain from meat.  But when you are also not eating other things that usually are go-to substitutes (see also: PB&J, cheese pizza, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, seafood gumbo), it becomes a bit trickier.  There were so many times today I just wanted to quit this program, not because I craved any of those things, but because I knew it would be so much easier to just eat a slice of pizza.  Or a sandwich.  I don’t have time to make sure I have something Whole30 approved for every meal when the majority of Whole30 foods are off-limits.

And then I decided that things in life aren’t always easy.  I put on my big girl panties, and I made it work.  Because I deserve it.  And I can.

Breakfast= Scrambled Eggs and Mixed Fruit

No more frittata!  I can guarantee you that I will be making more frittata, because it’s easy, economical, and despite getting old fast, is also pretty tasty.  But maybe not next week.  Today I just had some plain old scrambled eggs and some mixed fruit.

Lunch= Shrimp Stir-Fry

I left work today because I had an awful headache, and on the way home I realized I had absolutely nothing there that I could eat for lunch.  Not even an egg.  Not even salad.  So, I made a pit stop at Target for some groceries, and while there had the bright idea to make a shrimp stir-fry for lunch.  So I bought the ingredients, went home, and made a very fragrant shrimp stir-fry that Jonathan ate up with lots of accolades.

But I had no appetite for that, so I took one bite (it was good!) and that was it. So now I have lots of shrimp stir-fry in the fridge.

Snack= Larabar and Chocolate “Pudding”

When I gained my appetite back a few hours later, I ate a Cherry Pie Larabar (yum!).  But since I didn’t eat lunch, I was still pretty hungry.  So I also mashed up my last banana and mixed with some cocoa powder for chocolate “pudding.”

Dinner= Mahi Mahi Tacos with Citrus Slaw

Every now and then I make fish tacos, and I eat them and absolutely love them.  And then I forget how much I love them .  I really should make this more often.  Tonight I took some mahi-mahi and seasoned it with some taco-like seasoning (chili powder, cumin, garlic salt, etc.), baked it in the oven, and then made tacos with it.  For Jonathan, I actually put it in the shell with some cheese, but for me, I just ate it over some citrus slaw I made (which was actually chopped romaine, cilantro, lime juice, and lemon juice, some salsa, and jalapeños.  Yum.



It was hard, but I did it.  This weekend will be harder.  Jonathan and I are in all-day marriage retreat sessions, and they’re bringing in lunch.  The problem is that I signed us up for this months ago, so when the registration form asked about dietary restrictions, I had none at the time.  I thought about bringing my own lunch, but I seriously doubt there will be a fridge to put it in.  So, I’ll be equipped with lots of carrot sticks and some Larabars, just in case whatever they bring in is off-limits.  Hopefully it will be sandwiches that I can just take the bread off… and salad without dressing.  Fingers crossed.


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