Day 16…

Well, if today wasn’t a test of self-restraint, I don’t know what is!  It’s normal for me to find myself in the midst of temptation; however, it’s rare for me to actually inflict that temptation upon myself.  Spoiler alert- I passed with flying colors.

To show appreciation to my team for all their hard work over the past few weeks, I told them I’d bring in breakfast to our next meeting. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find a Whole 30 approved breakfast that is good for sharing. So I decided to just bring something for the team and not eat it.

I went to Panera and bought a few of the best looking, best smelling cinnamon rolls I’ve seen in a while, and 6 bagels. When the team started eating breakfast, I pulled out my Larabar. No harm, no foul.

Except that the team didn’t finish the carby, sugary bakery treats, so I ended up with them on my desk… Alllll day!  I invited others to stop by and grab some, but no bites. Imagine having the smell of cinnamon rolls lingering in the air all day. Ugh. Torture.

For lunch we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Seasons 52, which I love because it has a lactose-free menu with meat and veggies– perfect for Whole30.  Unfortunately, what it also has is the most tasty dessert shooters (little desserts in shot glasses) that I used to have a hard time restraining myself from eating more than one. Ugh. Amazing. But I powered through when nobody else did. So props to me!

Breakfast= Blueberry Muffin

Larabar, that is. I actually intended to get eggs this morning, but when I got to work, I got bogged down in a last-minute task and didnt have time to go to the cafeteria.  Blueberry muffin Larabar was perfect for breakfast, though, when everyone else is eating bagels and cinnamon rolls.

Lunch= Grilled Rainbow Trout and Root Veggies

Ahhh, finally a meal at a restaurant that I know was 100% compliant! I may have fibbed a little and told the waitress I had a “lactose sensitivity.” I feel like I’d get more understanding if i made it seem like it wasn’t my choice to eat this way.

So, my fish was deliciously prepared with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and was accompanied by a few carrots and 2 tiny potatoes.

Also, in the spirit of honesty, the team ordered a few flatbreads, and I ate the sun dried tomatoes off a piece or two.

Dinner= Carnitas

My last few meals in the slow cooker have been a bit disappointing. Nevertheless, I decided to make carnitas. I prepped a pork loin with some Latin spices and plopped it in the slow cooker. Then, when I got home shredded the pork and pan fried it in a bit of olive oil.

I think in this process, I ended up shredding it a bit too much and drying it out a bit. Jonathan liked it, but he also had some cheese and sour cream, and wrapped it in flour tortillas.  I just had it on top of lettuce with some pico de gallo, jalapeños, and salsa. It was decent, but looked like either tuna, or cat food…


The flavor was there; the texture, not so much.


I think I’m starting to reprogram my brain to respond to food the way it’s should. There’s a fine line between craving things and remembering how good foods are but not feeling the need to eat it. I never understood until now the difference. It’s good to feel in control.



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