Too Many Potatoes!

Day 20…

Happy Saturday, y’all! And to the Facebook crowd: welcome. I figured it was time to share my experience with all my Facebook friends.

Today, I tried to make chorizo. I was just going to pan fry it like I’ve seen done before. But I soon learned that there’s a difference between Spanish and Mexican chorizo, and we bought the wrong one. Spanish chorizo is a smoked link sausage. Mexican has a very different consistency. It’s made with pig salivary glands and cheeks, and has the consistency of… well, shit. I squeezed it out of its oblong package and into the frying pan all in one long piece, and tried to cook something with it. By the time it was done it looked more like a pile than a turd, and equally gross. Needless to say, neither of us ate that.

Breakfast= Bacon and Egg Hash

Originally I was going to put chorizo in the hash (potatoes and onion), but when that didn’t pan out, I threw some bacon in the pan and cracked a few (yes) eggs on top. Delicious!

Lunch= Leftover Pulled Pork and Mashed Sweet Potato

So breakfast was one potato, and lunch was another, although different, potato. 2 potato.

Today we cleaned out the fridge, and that meant just eating leftovers. Tasty, but not much to write home about.

Dinner= Kabobs

Tonight we went out again (I really need to start cooking on the weekend). Jonathan chose Zoe’s kitchen, where I ordered steak kabobs, served with steamed veggies and (you guessed it) potatoes! 3 potato.



i know potatoes aren’t conducive to weight loss, even though they’re allowed on the diet. I need to work on eating the good clean foods that are recommended for frequent use and stop with all these that are just recommended for occasion. The saga will continue. I’m still strong-willed. I can make it! 10 more days…


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