Traveling Tale

Day 28…

So,  I’ve got some ‘splaining to do. It’s been a long week on the road, and sorry for not keeping you up-to-date on my Whole30 journey. But with 5 flights in 4 days, many after-midnight bedtimes, and long days of meetings and forums, I just didn’t have a spare moment. So here’s my catch-up post. I decided not to make it like a regular post where I list every single meal in its own section- it would just be a formatting exercise. Instead, here’s a day by day…

Monday, March 14

Early morning at the airport with incredibly long lines! Once through security, I headed to the food court for breakfast. Food court breakfast= either breakfast sandwiches or runny eggs. I opted for the runny eggs, with a side of mixed fruit. It was… Eh… But at least it was breakfast.

In Montreal, we got off the plane at 12:30, and had a meeting at 1:00! Eek! Unfortunately the walk to customs took another 20 minutes, then a 15 minute wait in line at the border, and 10 minute walk to the rental car. And we hadn’t had lunch! Lunch had to be quick. And unfortunately, the only thing between the airport and the meeting place is McDonald’s. So I got French fries. And scarfed them down. Not great. But kind of sort of ok?  It was the best I could do.

Dinner was much better…but very hard. The vendor we met in Montreal took us to a sports bar type place for dinner, filled with all the things you’d expect– burgers, pizza, pasta…  The group got nachos as an appetizer, and I got to watch them scarf them down. They smelled so good and fresh. I just sat there, stomach empty after  my French fry lunch. It was hard, but I did it. Then I ordered fajitas without all the good stuff (or I guess the bad stuff)… And was pleasantly surprised when the waitress offered me lettuce leaf wraps. So I ate chicken fajitas in lettuce leaves. And it was the most amazing taste in the world!

Tuesday, March 15

The vendor brought in breakfast and lunch today. Remember when I said that you should never rely on others to feed you when you’re on this diet? Well.. I came prepared. Instead of the Tim Horton’s donuts and muffins, I pulled out a Larabar. It was a meager breakfast, but I made it work.

And then, friends, I had a breakthrough. I was feeling very low-energy. And desperate to stay awake, I walked over to the coffee and poured myself a cup. And I drank black coffee. And I went back for seconds. And it was delicious. So now I drink black coffee. Ta-da!!

For lunch they brought in finger sandwiches. I took about 5 sandwiches, removed the bread and cheese, and just ate the meat and veggies.

Dinner was at the airport. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger, minus the cheese and condiments. But the French guy didn’t quite understand, and so my burger came with a bunch of melted cheese on it. I peeled off what I could. But I was so hungry. I caved. I ate the bun. I hated myself for it but was so hungry at this point I couldn’t stop myself. It was my first and only slip.

Wednesday, March 16

I woke up this morning in Toronto. I went down to the dining area for… more runny eggs! And some fruit.

After morning presentations, my boss asked if we wanted to do lunch… At Tim Hortons! Ugh. We went, and I ordered a turkey sandwich with just meat and veggies. And learning from my mistake the previous day, I promptly threw the bread away.

Again at the airport, we had dinner at a steakhouse, which was great! Steakhouses are so great for Whole30, because grilled meat and steamed veggies are staples. I ordered a ribeye with a green salad and veggies. Yum!

Thursday, March 17

I spent St. Patty’s Day in Washington, DC at a conference in a hotel. Breakfast and lunch were provided. For breakfast, I had (you may have guessed it) runny eggs and fruit.  And black coffee!

The lunch spread was comprised of hummus and veggies, pita bread, parmesan ratatouille, risotto, mushroom chicken, some kind of salmon, and tiramisu. I had a chicken breast (and tried to take the mushrooms off) and some carrots.  Then for a snack they had leftover hummus, cheese fondue, and cookies. Meh. No snack for me.

For dinner we went to a classy restaurant that served sushi and fancy dishes. I ordered a fish dish in a coconut broth with shredded veggies. I guess I assumed it would be baked fish, but what came back to me was coated in a breading! So I had to peel off the coating and only eat the middle. But the taste was out of this world!

Friday, March 18

I was so glad to be back home where I could control my own meals! I made some amazing (not runny) eggs for breakfast. For lunch we went to Jason’s Deli and I got the salad bar. Yummy green salad with egg and almonds!  And for dinner I made amazing baked fish with tomato and okra on the side.

Saturday, March 19

Today was a house hunting day! For breakfast, I made a quick breakfast scramble with chicken sausage, and onion.

For lunch, we went to Wendy’s. I had a bunless burger and a few fries.

After driving past houses all day, we went grocery shopping. Jonathan has been wanting to try chorizo for a while now, and he found some at Kroger for us to cook up. I had mine with a sweet potato, and that was dinner.

Sunday, March 20

So that takes us to today. I have two days left in this diet, and I am patiently awaiting the end. According to the book “It Starts With Food”, I’m not supposed to say this diet is hard. Apparently birthing a baby is hard. Fighting cancer is hard. And yes they are, in much more dramatic ways.

But for me, sticking to this diet while traveling and not always choosing my own meals is hard.  Most of the book describes cooking for yourself. Making your own meals and reading labels. There are no labels in the restaurant world. Or not many. The cashier at Tim Hortons will not know if the turkey on their sandwiches is cured with sugar. So yeah. I’m glad the end is near.

I made another frittata that I can bring to work and eat this week.


Homemade sausage, onion, basil, and tomatoes…Delicious! Hopefully I won’t get sick of this one like last time, but it was definitely good this morning!

For lunch I baked some fries and some chicken wings. And put together a stew for dinner. Grass-fed beef, trinity veggies, tomatoes, carrots, and green beans. It was so good… But as I sit here writing this, our stomachs are grumbling a bit, so jury’s still out on that one.  I may change my mind.


You’ll notice that there’s no weight loss picture this week. Much to my disappointment, after all I sacrificed for the diet this week, I didn’t lose any weight. I didn’t gain any, but I also didn’t lose any. Hopefully it’s due to the bloat of flying around, and next week will show great results. Time will tell. For now, I’m finishing strong! 2 more days…


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