New Year, New Me

Hubs and I rang in the new year the way I’m assuming most of my thirty-something friends did– at home in front of the tv.  As we watched the ball drop in Times Square and the peach drop on the local news channel, I thought about all of the resolutions I could and should make. Most of them are the same ones I make every year, or the ones I don’t admit to myself that I should make because they’re so incredibly cliche that I just can’t stand to actually say it.  Like “be more active” and “eat healthier.”

But the problem is that every year I tell myself that I should do those things, and then I make bad decisions. It’s so easy to do so– much easier than making the healthy choice.  But I’m not as young as I used to be; I’m reminded almost daily.  And one of these days my health will affect more than just myself, and that really does make me think twice about what I should be doing to get and stay healthy.  So I’m doing it this year.  I’m going to really evaluate my choices and decide whether the things I eat and the activity I do actually promotes or hinders a healthy lifestyle.

To kick it off, I started my second Whole 30 today.  I did one back in March (see all the posts before this one!), and really noticed a great difference in the way I felt, looked, and even thought about myself.  It was very challenging, and sometimes I had breakdowns, and I slipped once, but at the end of it all I was down 20 or so pounds and felt an incredible sense of accomplishment.

Then I tried again later in the year and failed miserably.  Low point.

As I being again this time, I think about some of the success factors that helped me along the way in March.  Here’s a few of them:

  1. Refer to It Starts with Food often.  This was the book that started it all.  It explains the science behind the Whole 30 program and what foods are (and more importantly, are not) permissible.
  2. Prep and Plan.  If I already know what I’m eating during the day, I’m much less likely to crave things that I shouldn’t be eating.  And if I’ve already prepped some snacks, I won’t find myself stuck in a pinch and forced to make bad decisions.  Also, I used Sundays to prep for meals later in the week, most often the ones that I took to work: breakfast and lunch.  I actually planned out all my dinners for the whole month!  Now, nothing left to do but execute.
  3. Write about It! Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed reflecting on my day through this blog.  And more than that, I enjoyed those few supportive friends who left me a note of encouragement.  It helped me to stay accountable and gave me a channel to let out some emotions if needed. So I’ll be continuing that.

Today’s Meals

We slept in this morning, for the last time in a while.  By the time we got up and downstairs, it was brunch time.  So I scrambled up a few eggs and ate them with a banana and grapes.  Then I ate a few apple slices while prepping some fruit salad later in the day.  Kind of simple, sad meals, but dinner totally made up for it!

I’ve determined that since it’s winter, soups are going to be my saving grace this month.  Tonight I made this cilantro lime soup, only I used chicken thighs instead of breast fillets (they were on sale this week!) and a large can of Ro-tel instead of a regular-sized one.  It had a nice kick to it and was a great comfort food for a chilly night!

Cilantro Lime Soup.JPG



I wanted to do more prep than I actually did. I found a recipe for baked apple chips, and I was going to make some more snacks, but it would have added over two hours of cooking, and it’s my last day of vacation!  So I ended up not doing it… but I did make egg frittata muffins for breakfast this week.

My proudest discovery was the bacon I found at Publix yesterday.  I have to confess that I may have let some breakfast foods slide last time without regard for all of the nutrition labels (it’s almost impossible to buy processed meat without any sugar without making a special trip to a specialty store), so I decided if it was very low in sugar and didn’t contain corn syrup, I let it slide.  Well, no more! I finally found a bacon without sugar! ta da!!


I know a lot of people get excited over bacon, but this was a new high!

Anyway, Day 1 was a walk in the park, and I’m looking forward to all the benefits the rest of this month will bring!

Until tomorrow…



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