I Smell Snow!

Well, you’ll be happy to know that I do not want to kill all the things today.  I don’t even want to kill some of the things.  Maybe just a few things, and those are just the things that most people want to kill. Like the leader of ISIS and the huge moth that’s tempting my cats to jump over our balcony railing in its pursuit.  Actually, all the bugs, while we’re at it!

But seriously, I felt no moodiness whatsoever today.  The only side effect I’ve had today is a little… erm… digestive discomfort that I’ll leave at that.  Here’s hoping I’m in the same good spirits tomorrow as well.  It’s supposed to snow!  Our first snow in our first house!  I can’t wait!

Oh, I thought of one more thing I’d like to kill. How about that article that came out yesterday, ranking Whole 30 as the worst diet out there?  Seriously?  My first thought was, “Well, everyone has their opinion about what is and isn’t healthy.”  But the more I thought about it, the more I thought the author must just be ill-informed.  And, as many of my friends have mentioned, this isn’t even really a diet. It’s not meant to be sustainable, any more than a juice detox is.  And that’s what this is- a slow detox of unhealthy things that are in my body.  And it’s the only thing that’s really worked for me, so I’m sticking to it, article be damned!

Again, daytime meals weren’t so special today– just more egg muffins, a halo (I’ve been incorrectly calling them cuties all week!), leftover stir-fry, and and apple.

For dinner, I cranked up the veggie spiralizer (and when I say “cranked,” I mean manually) and made some zucchini noodles, which I sautéed with a little olive oil.  Then I roasted some cherry tomatoes and baked some shrimp.  Threw it all together, and that was dinner!  It was very good!  Hubs even went back for seconds (although I’ll admit that’s pretty common for him…).  Here’s the recipe.

I will say, the picture on the website looked so much better than mine!  For one, I found that one of my zucchinis was going bad, so I only had 3 small zucchini instead of two regular sized ones.  Also, the tomatoes kind of lost their shape when I took them out of the oven.  But I guess it’s the flavor that matters, and it was pretty spot-on!


Ta da! So much veggie, shrimpy goodness!

In other, though slightly less impressive, news (and with no pictures), I started doing yoga. There’s this YouTube channel called Yoga with Adrienne, and she has all these great yoga videos!  There’s just something about her that I really like. Unlike some yoga instructors in videos I’ve watched, she doesn’t seem all out-of-this-world…like Professor Trelawney or something. Anyway, now that I know how to balance my weight on my hands during planks and the table pose, I find it very relaxing!  So, today is Day 3 of my doing that.  Sorry I forgot to mention it!  I’ll also be looking for a light cardio workout series as well, so if you have any recommendations, let me know!

Until tomorrow, dear friends!



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