Pants Debacle

Today was Day 5, and it was also a day at home, which presents its own challenges when it comes to Whole 30.  Since there’s no strict restrictions on intake or counting of calories, I was a bit concerned that I would just snack all day. I bought some Larabars yesterday, and although I know they’re Whole 30 approved, they’ve got as many calories as a candy bar and some sugar, too (natural… from dates). So I try to eat them sparingly.  I also have a lot of fruit around, which I’m not avoiding, but also trying not to over-indulge in.  Fruits on Whole 30 are optional; veggies are mandatory.  I should probably get some more veggies to have around the house for snacks (cucumbers, carrots, celery, etc.) but I didn’t have much of that around the house today.  Turns out I didn’t really need to worry, because I didn’t get a case of the munchies after all!  Let’s hope it continues through the weekend.

A few things to report on how I’m feeling– it’s mostly the same as yesterday.  I slept like a baby last night and woke up with a clear head and feeling well-rested.  I took a look at my hair and expected it to be an oily mess (It’s day 3 since a shampooing, which usually means wash that hair pronto!). But it still looked pretty clean!  That’s a definite sign that this lifestyle journey is working!

I still have the tummy issues, and I thought perhaps I was bloating.  This is common later down the road (end of the 2nd week or something like that), but since my symptoms always end up to be out of order, I figured that’s what it was.  The main indicator of this supposed bloat was that my jeans were quite tight.  Not uncomfortable, but definitely tight.  I knew my jeans felt fine yesterday (yes, I wear jeans more than once in a row)!  Later on in the day I realized why– I’m not wearing the jeans I thought I was!  I’m wearing the jeans that didn’t button two weeks ago!  And that, my friends, felt like I was floating on a cloud, going up and up and up… It’ll only get better!

So– what did Jen eat today?  Whelp, since I was home today, I didn’t eat my regular egg muffins (I have to say, after a few days those darn muffins get pretty boring, but I still eat them because they’re easy and they do the trick!).  I found some turkey sausage that has no sugar (!!!) and so I fried a few of those.  Unfortunately, it was very dry!!  So I fried an egg over medium and dipped my sausage in the runny part.  And OMG it was sooooo good!  I also had a halo (This is what I’m talking about with the veggies. I should probably start eating veggies instead of fruit every day with breakfast.  But it’s just so darn refreshing!).


Not shown: my yummy black coffee!

I really didn’t know what to do for lunch.  Hubs had a root canal today, so when he got home he asked for some soup and a grilled cheese (omg.  Grilled cheese…). There was still leftover soup and leftover shrimp in the fridge, but I wasn’t feeling it.  I actually wasn’t feeling anything.  So I attempted to make something with random stuff I had in my fridge.

And I don’t really do all that great when I attempt to make stuff in my fridge!  I thought, hm… maybe I’ll make some lunch meat wraps… I’d seen them before and they looked appetizing…


So I laid out four slices of ham, and piled them with lettuce, cucumber, avocado, tomato, and a few bacon bits.I got pretty excited, but I should have known better.  I can’t even roll up a burrito properly! How was I going to roll out a delicate slice of ham?


That last one I couldn’t even roll. I ended up topping these with a little mustard and eating them with a fork.  Thankfully it tasted better than it looks!

For a snack, an apple and a spoon of almond butter.

For dinner, I slow cooked a pork roast and made pulled pork.  I made hubs some sandwiches, and I made this salad:


Homemade pico, 1/2 avocado, salsa, jalapeños, pulled pork on a bed of mixed greens!  I was a little bit scared of what this would taste like, but it was very very good!  I’m thankful that I have lots of leftover pork!

Another great day, another full tummy!  Onward and upward!




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