Coconut oil= :(

Today was a rough day. It was a day that made me rethink my commitment to this program, because it’s just so darn difficult. It may have just been because I was disappointed in my cooking abilities at both breakfast and dinner time. Maybe it was because I was bummed at the lack of substantial snow we were promised, and I wanted comfort food. 

Or maybe because I wanted to be lazy today, and you can’t be lazy on Whole 30. You can’t just make a sandwich, or order a pizza, and be done with it. It takes planning and cooking and prepping every. single. day.  It’s a good thing I like cooking. I don’t know how anyone who doesn’t could possibly do this. 

Anyway, I did not resign from the diet on today, Day 6. Because I need to eat better and I need to overcome my desire to always go for what’s easy or what tastes the best, over what is best for my body. So I’m marching on…

For breakfast I had some more turkey sausage links, two eggs, and some fruit salad. I wanted my eggs over medium like yesterday, but the yolk broke on one of them, and the bottom started burning on the other before the top was done. So I had one egg fried hard, and the other one over very easy.

Lunch, which was the best meal of my day, was some leftover pulled pork on a salad. Same as last night, except I ran out of avocado, so no avocado this time.

For dinner, I tried to make sweet potato and chicken apple sausage hash. I found a recipe on Pinterest, but decided to kind of do my own thing, because all the recipes I looked at had apples in them, which I didn’t want for dinner, especially since there’s apple in the sausage.

Anyway, I’m about to give up on coconut oil. It is NOT like butter or olive oil. I find that no matter what, food still sticks to the pan when using coconut oil. So tonight, as with my eggs at breakfast this morning, my sauasage stuck to the pan and burned. I managed to salvage most of it, added a little more coconut oil, put in my sweet potatoes, and 10 minutes later those were also stuck. Burnt.

I didn’t have any other food so I ended up just eating it, and to be honest, it wasn’t horrible, but it was very disappointing.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better…


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