I made it 10 days!!! I’m 1/3 of the way through this journey! Can I be honest? It feels like longer. But I’m proud of how far I’ve come so far. I actually feel pretty darn good today– I have energy! And last night I slept like a baby!  Several people at work commented on how good my hair looked (I guess that’s a good sign. I didn’t do anything different, and 3 different people happened to notice).  What do you think?


Today was “eat/order out” day. It’s the first day I’ve had dinner out since starting Whole 30.  And I nailed it!

I just knew I was going to want a salad for lunch today, and so I was prepared to head down to our cafeteria for a custom-made, fully-compliant salad. But when noon came, I really didn’t want a salad! So instead I thought I’d try an “unwich” from Jimmy John’s. I’m actually surprised at how large it was considering the ingredients. 

It actually looked better before I squeezed mustard all over it, but the mustard made it so tasty! My only problem was that it didn’t keep me full. By the time 3:00 came, I was prettt hungry again! I went home and had a banana and some almond butter. 

For dinner we checked out a grill right down the road. I found a taco salad that sounded great! I ordered it without cheese. 

The menu didn’t say it was served in one of those delicious, crispy taco shells! I had to practice some pretty serious self-restraint, but I managed to eat the salad and leave the shell. Here’s proof:

Speaking of self-restraint, can I just brag on myself a little more and say that I also passed up fresh donut holes today?? It would have been so easy at work to just pop one or two in my mouth as they sat next to my desk all day. A co-worker brought them and offered some to the team. Then, when everyone had eaten their fill I brought the rest home for hubs to eat! They made my car smell like a frickin bakery! I’m totally owning this!

Looking forward to how I feel for the next 20 days (and beyond!!)! Stay tuned!


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