Thrilling Thursday

Ok… so either I’m running out of clever titles or my brain just doesn’t function well after working hours. Either way, it wasn’t actually a thrilling Thursday, but as far as weekends go, it was actually pretty good!
So I’ve decided to join a gym. My company gets a special rate at LA Fitness, and so tomorrow I’ll be signing up. I’m actually looking forward to it! I pulled out my old gym bag last night and realized that my locker lock had closed, and I don’t remember the combination (it’s been that long since I’ve gone to the gym!) so I need to buy another. And I love shopping for gym stuff! 

I always meant to start the gym again, but I knew I wanted to get my eating habits under control first. It’s no fun to work out while hungry! I think I’ll start out going to the gym straight after work 3 days a week and then build up from there.

Anyway, anyone following me on Instagram knows the meals I had this morning. I woke up late this morning and needed to start working right away, so I didn’t have time to cook eggs. I just had a Larabar, a halo, and a cup of coffee. 

Lunch was my biggest pride today. Hubs took the chili I was planning to eat for lunch today, so the only thing I had to fix was leftover pulled pork (how long is pulled pork still good in the fridge? I made it last Friday, so today is Day 6… I probably should throw the rest away.) 

Anyway, I found a bag of salad at the bottom of my fridge drawer, and put some in a bowl. But it smelled weird, and so I ended up throwing it out. I actually have no idea when I bought that salad!! 

Then I remembered this morning’s post on the Whole 30 Instagram page! It was half an avocado topped with pulled pork and then topped with a poached egg! Eureka! I could make an egg! 

I may be starting to understand why Europeans put fried eggs on everything! It was so good that I finished and had to stop myself from making more!  A chopped tomato and cucumber salad was the perfect side for my lunch!

For dinner I made a coconut chicken dish.  I served it over rice for hubs, and for me I roasted some potatoes in the oven and used that as a “base” for the sauce.

So satisfying!


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