Today I went off-script (i.e., no recipe) and created something decent.

I must say, this is my weekend to try new recipes I was pretty sure I wouldn’t like but actually turned out to be not-so-bad. Yesterday was the mayo. Today was cauliflower rice.

Growing up, I had a very sensitive sense of smell and an even more sensitive gag reflex. This meant that when my class would enter the cafeteria at lunch time, if I smelled something adverse, I… um… showed everyone what I had for breakfast. Every.single.time.  It got to the point where I’d have to sit at the very back of the cafeteria and be served my a teacher anytime broccoli or cabbage was served. They called me the “green girl” which could I guess have several meanings. Same would happen at Granny’s on New Years when she made cabbage, one whiff inside the house where cabbage was made, and I was heading straight to the bathroom. She started to make cabbage the previous day to allow her kitchen ample time to air out, just to appease my gag reflex!

I swear this has a point. 

As my little anecdote indicated, I have a pretty acute aversion to the smell of cruciferous vegetables. I got over broccoli eventually, but taking a chance with cauliflower seemed to be a bit too much. So I never did.

But today I was feeling brave. And I needed an idea for dinner tonight because my plan for cooking lots of soup was foiled when God said “Let it be 70 degrees for the rest of the winter.”

So anyway, I ended up making some cauliflower rice. And it smelled awful, but it tasted quite good! I used it in the stuffing to make stuffed peppers!

I also bought some ghee today because I was missing some butter flavor in my life. Tonight I used it to sauté some onions and celery, which also went into the stuffing with ground beef and ground pork. Last, I mixed in an egg to bond it together. 

Hubs liked it. I thought it was ok and a pretty good attempt considering I was working with new ingredients. Next time I think I’ll top it with tomato sauce.

Oh! I know this is out of order, but breakfast was pretty good too! I found a frozen hash with potatoes, onions, and peppers, and just a quick stir fry and two eggs made a very tasty meal!

I know sunny-side-up eggs make a prettier picture, but I think from now on I’m going to just do over-easy. I have a hard time making sure the egg white next to the yolk gets cooked before the bottom gets overcooked.  I ended up popping this puppy in the microwave for about 30 seconds to finish cooking it. Still a very satisfying breakfast!

Lunch was just an overpriced salad at the movie theater. I would have taken a picture, but I didn’t get my salad until halfway through the movie (seriously, it took 55 minutes to prepare and serve a green salad with cold chicken)! So I don’t even know what it looked like, but it was enough. 

Whelp, today marks 2 weeks on my Whole 30 journey, and tomorrow marks the halfway point. I wish I could say I was really seeing the results, but so far, I’m kinda not. Hoping at the end there’s a significant difference on the scale (I haven’t weighed myself since Day -1). I’m optimistic!


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