Where is Everybody?

Ok not that I’m striving to win a popularity contest or anything, but yesterday’s viewership hit an all-time low, 2 views. I’m changing my life over here, but I guess to the outside eye it must be pretty boring.  I’m guessing people don’t care to read a blog about what someone ate every single day.  It’s so 2010!  I get it.

The thing is, I need people to feel excited, because I have zero support system at home.  Zero.  I made dinner tonight, and hubs said, “No rice?”

So it’s hard.  You guys lift me up and make me feel like what I’m doing is worthwhile.  It would be like if a marathon runner was just running through a deserted path with nobody to cheer her on.  And this is a marathon.  I’m on the 14th mile, and I have 2 cheerleaders.  And I love you guys.


I was all the way to work today before I realized I’d left my gym bag at home.  Womp womp.  Needless to say, it’s in my car right now so I don’t forget it again.  When I came home today, I thought about doing yoga, but instead I took a nap.  Disappointing.  I’m going to go do something after this post so today isn’t a total waste.

You know, ever since I started cooking for two (probably about 2 years now), I’ve planned our meals at least weekly, and as a result I always know what’s for dinner.  Sometimes I look forward to dinner all day long, and sometimes when I think about what’s for dinner, I say meh… Today was a meh day.  Chicken fajitas.  I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve made chicken fajitas in my entire life.  Don’t get me wrong; fajitas are a go-to order when we go to a Mexican restaurant, but I don’t often cook it at home.  Seems kinda drab, and chicken breast isn’t hubs’s favorite.

But tonight?  Once I started making the fajitas, oh my goodness.  I knew it was going to be delicious.  I used this recipe as the base for my seasonings.  I also used my cast iron pan, added some ghee, and got sizzling!  By the time it was done, it looked like something they’d serve me at my favorite Tex-Mex place!


I took it off the stove, and it sizzled for at least two more minutes!  Perfect.  I was so proud of myself!  In my head, I kept hearing Ross from Friends yell “My fajitas!”  Classic.

Anyway, I served them on a bed of lettuce with some salsa (Newman’s Own mild salsa is Whole 30 approved! Medium and hot have added sugar though.  Go figure.), jalapeños, and avocado slices.  And I gobbled it up before I could take another picture!

Now I’m trying to figure out when I can make them again.  Super delicious recipe that I have a feeling will be a staple for many years to come.

And for today, that’s all she wrote!


3 thoughts on “Where is Everybody?

  1. I think this is the first time I have clicked on your blog… for some reason I have gotten out of blogging even though i have always loved writing & reading blogs! But i am trying to start reading again (& maybe will get inspired to write them too!). Also i can add you to my whole30 group on FB if you need more support! Did your hubby like the fajitas?! Even without rice?


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