Days 19 and 20

Whelp, I made it 66.66666 percent of the way! One third more to go! I didn’t post yesterday, but it was basically because I didn’t take any food pictures! Still, it was another successful day! I just had a Larabar for breakfast, leftover roast and carrots for lunch, and for dinner we went to a BBQ joint where I ordered grilled chicken breast with green beans. Nothing special, but it was good!

Today I made sugar-free bacon for breakfast and fried a few eggs to go with it. And some blueberries.

For lunch, I finally mustered the courage to try chicken salad. I’ve had chicken salad before– I think I was 5 years old, and I was expecting chicken on salad and not mushed up chicken meat in mayonnaise. So I guess in the 26 years since then I made up my mind that I didn’t like chicken salad. But I had a lot of Whole 30 mayo left, and so I thought I’d give it a try. Here’s the recipe I used, except with dill pickles instead of sweet relish. And no bread, of course!

Hubs approved, and so did I! Not bad at all! 

For dinner I made one of hubs’ favorites: potato soup. I tried to make him potato soup several times before, but his mom makes it a certain way that doesn’t include any flour or dairy, and I never could figure it out.

Tonight I gave it another try, and this time it came out great! 

Not the most appetizing appearance, but very nice taste! I couldn’t find a recipe online, so I wrote this one down:


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