If you know me or have been following me, you know that I’ve been working hard on my weight since the beginning of the year. To date, I’ve lost over 30 pounds, and, for the first time ever, I’m not ready to give up. I’m still going 5 months later. I’ve never stayed on a diet that long.

What you probably don’t know is that 2017 has actually been the year of better health for me. In many ways. Sure, I did a Whole 30 and have been successful at Weight Watchers. But I also joined a gym, and I go multiple times a week! And I wear a Fitbit all the time and make myself get at least 5,000-8,000 steps in each day. So if it’s the end of the day and I haven’t gotten that in, I walk around the neighborhood (or the house) until I do.

I got a doctor, and I see her regularly.  I haven’t done that since my pediatrician (In my defense, I tried once, but I finally found one I like).  I went to the dentist for the first time in 12-ish years (only one cavity!! But I need to get some wisdom teeth removed 😩). And I’ve already made my next cleaning! 

It’s a little scary that I went so long without seeing healthcare professionals, but honestly, I was afraid of what they’d tell me. Most hypochondriacs are always at the doctor, thinking something is wrong. I’d have an ailment, think something was wrong, and would be afraid the doctor would give me some horrible news. It turns out I don’t have any fatal condition, and I might not even have hypochondria. Just a theory.


The title of this post is “reset” which is my way of announcing I’m doing a mini-reset on the Whole 30 program. I feel I need to do this for a few reasons: 

1. I was making some really good progress my first few months, but nowadays I’m only losing about a pound a week (when I lose at all). I’m hoping this reset helps to boost my diet progress.

2. I had a goal of being a certain dress size by June, and that may not happen given my current progress.

3. My hubs and I just got back from a 4-day vacation where I ate (and drank) pretty horribly! I’m hoping this reset will help me shed any pounds I may have gained during the past week!!

During this reset, the WW points don’t matter. I’m going to start with 15 days and see how I feel afterward.  I may find I need to do the full 30 days, or I may be able to go back to Weight Watchers after the 2ish weeks.

So… I started tonight, once I got back from the vacation. And tonight, I ate like a queen!!! Omg it was so much food I was stuffed afterward!!

I made grilled chicken breast, chicken andouille sausage, potato salad (with paleo mayo), and grilled pineapple. Yum!!!

I thought I would make some of this via insta story, but I haven’t quite mastered the art of videoing myself doing something while also holding my phone to take the video! I will likely post the series of myself making the mayo, but other than that… meh…

So, wish me luck! My support network has been so crucial to my success thus far.